A Place of Sound Waves, A Place of Inspiration, A Place of Positivity, A Place of Love, A Place of Music, A Place of Peace, A Place of Sonics & Fidelity, A Place of Motivation. A Place of Good Vibes. A Place for Learning A Place for building Confidence its The House of Waves better known as PRJRSound! 


As an Mastering Engineer and IT Specialist my goal is to Capture your Sound& Vision and bring it to life. From working with Kent Wells, Afroman, Timothy Delaghetto, Sudan Archives Just to name a few, no project is ever too small or too big. Everyone at PRJRSound loves SOUND and is dedicated and driven.


We fine tune everything we touch from the vocals to the instruments even down to the type of wiring and power cables we use in our facility yup that’s right I said power cables. To hear more information about click RATES or CONTACT ME!